So, you have submitted your resume to several job openings and started getting ready for an interview. But, no one seems to be calling you or sending you emails with interview invitations. You get frustrated and send out more resumes and cover letters. When this happens, it is time to sit and think about what is wrong and what you can do to fix the situation.

A hint that will tell you that your resume needs fixing is when it simply doesn’t seem to work for you. Meaning, you’re not getting calls and invitations for interviews no matter how many jobs you apply to or how many times you have posted your resume to job boards. Perhaps even your best friend will tell you that your resume needs a total make-over. You may try to edit your resume first on your own but just don’t have time do it or don’t know how. Perhaps you’ve been changing careers often, don’t have much experience or have just recently graduated or advanced in the corporate ladder. Whatever it is, you need to have resume that will market your skills, experience and potential.

Another error many job seekers make is sending their resumes and cover letters to the wrong people. If you are submitting your resume through online career services or by email, they may never be even opened by recruiters. The thing is that most companies use special screening software, and if your resume doesn’t contain specific keywords, it will be considered irrelevant. It is worth taking a chance and sending your resume right to the person you would potentially be reporting to. In this case, there is a better chance for your resume to be read by the person, who can really evaluate your accomplishments.

It is also important to target the specific job position. Hiring managers do not like getting generic and clichd resumes and cover letters. It looks like the job seeker put no effort in composing it, so he was really not that interested in the job. Make sure you always write the resume and cover letter specifically for the position you are applying for. And try not to use words that are considered worn-out by many recruiters such as “hardworking”. It is much better to let the hiring manager know what qualities and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job and how you can contribute to the company’s development.

Resume Writer

Think of a professional resume writer as a doctor that is there to cure a disease or a lawyer to solve a case. You don’t have to be embarrassed with getting help from a resume writer. They can do wonders for your resume. And one rule of thumb to remember is that if you think their resume writing rate is too high- it probably is. Effective resumes don’t have to cost a fortune.